Yes4arts 2016 Spring Fashion Show is Coming

April 18th, 2016

Tickets start at just $22 for the yes4arts 2016 spring fashion show, coming to the LA area on April 30 at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center. A full evening of fashion and entertainment is on deck, all supporting the free art classes offered at the center. Fiber art classes are offered complementary and year-round to the community. The annual show is an avenue for showcasing some of the best fashion coming out of the local industry, as well as bringing awareness to what the center offers.


The show’s founder, Paula Bennett, was self-taught and also learned her design skills from her mother. She first learned crochet and yearned to teach others—at no cost. She created the show to inspire and empower, as well as bring attention to zero cost fiber education. Teachers, artists, friends, parents, and community members make up the program.

Coming Full Circle

Yes4arts offers a platform where all students can become teachers if they desire. The designs that come out of the workshop are phenomenal, from haute couture to vintage classic inspired pieces.

Join a thriving community of fashion lovers, and see what this spring’s collection has in store for you. Also, meet the designers and models after the event in a welcome reception.

Das ist Some Fantastic German Grub

April 2nd, 2016


Craving some authentic German fare while staying in Anaheim? There are some fantastic restaurants in the area, like Jägerhaus. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll love their fresh corned beef hash and eggs in the morning or curry wurst for lunch. Dive into their braised lamb shank or braised wild boar alongside a stein of your favorite German beer at dinner.


At Loreley Restaurant, you’ll find an eclectic menu featuring Hungarian Goulash, a comfort food of a soup that’s a meal in itself. Try the Bavarian warm pretzel or the aufschnitt board, with German cold cuts and beer cheese. Steak tartar and a “true Reuben sandwich” seal the deal.

Satiate Your Appetite

The Phoenix Club offers Oktoberfest year-round, where there’s singing and dancing all the time at the Pub. Potato pancakes and fried mac and cheese start the perfect dinner, followed by herring in cream sauce and grilled veal loaf. Sauerbraten, apple strudel, and a black forest cake are all favorites.

At the Euro Market Bakery and Deli, you can pick up to-go sandwiches or the ingredients for your own home cooked meal (perfect for your kitchenette!). There’s also a full German bar and restaurant on-site which was featured in Hell’s Kitchen!


Let’s Go Cosmic Karting!

March 30th, 2016

Excitement for the whole family awaits at the beloved Cosmic Karting night at SB Raceway! Held Friday and Saturday night, April 1 and 2, from 5pm until midnight, it’s one of the few weekends of the year where the go karts are kitted out in bright colors for epic racing. Located in San Bernardino, it’s just a short drive from your Anaheim hotel, and there are karts for all ages and abilities.

Go-Cart Race

Bring the family together for a weekend night outing you’ll never forget. It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy some outdoor fun. Snacks, beverages and merchandise are available for purchase, but riders are encouraged to arrive early. This event is looked forward to by locals and out-of-towners alike.

Go, Kart!

SB Raceway is home to some of the best tracks and equipment in southern California. Go karting is always a thrill, but it’s kicked up a notch with the cosmic lights and special DJ tracks. Spend hours showing off your skills and racing to be number one.

It’s also a fantastic choice for date night, forcing couples to get close and heat things up with some healthy competition. Are you ready to race into the night?

For Our Common Home: Authors in Dialogue Over Laudato Si

March 30th, 2016

April 1 and April 2 is a landmark event where contributors to For Our Common Home touch on hot topics like multi-faith and multi-cultural responses to Laudato Si’. Brought to you by Process Century Press, Friday’s speakers include John B. Cobb Jr., Brian Henning discussing Stewardship and the Roots of Ecological Crisis, and Catherine Keller on Encycling: One Feminist Theological Response.

Portrait of senior man with beard on book market

On Saturday, enjoy talks from Joseph Prabhu on The Game Changer in the Vatican, Bonnie Tarwater discussing At the Bedside of Mother Earth, and James Conn on A Change in the Climate of Climate Change. Events start at 8am on Friday and end at 11pm on Saturday with a reception at the Claremont School of Theology.

A Cultural Affair

Visiting Anaheim can mean taking advantage of spiritual, cultural and historical events such as this two-day commentary. Authors are being welcomed from around the world to discuss situations including Positive Solutions from a Plasma Physicist and Catholic and Buddhist Perspectives.

There is no entry fee, but attendees are encouraged to arrive early. Reception and VIP tickets are capped at $29. Book your seats early, and get ready for a weekend filled with deep conversations with experts in every industry.

Best Cinemas in Anaheim

March 27th, 2016

With Hollywood just around the corner, it makes sense to indulge in some cinematic excitement while staying in Anaheim! Short of tickets to a red carpet premier, you can partake in one of the city’s fantastic theaters and cinemas to check out the latest releases. Cinema City Stadium Theatres offers 3D entertainment, state of the art technology, and special showings of your favorite cinema classic films.

Eating popcorn at the movies

AMC Downtown Disney 12 is conveniently located within Disney territory, offering respite from a full day of rides and games. As a dine-in theater, there are restaurants and pubs inside as well as an option to get a real meal while you watch your film. You can even order your concession choices online!

More than a Movie

Main Street Cinema whisks you back in time, letting you enjoy the charm of a traditional movie theater. Located on Main Street in Disneyland, various classics are featured each month. A classic movie palace like no other, the popcorn can’t be beat and every film is suitable for the whole family.

Edwards Anaheim Films 14 is a regal destination where you’ll find an impressive concession menu, sprawling theaters, and the latest films. King-sized recliners are available for extra movie-watching comfort.

Anaheim’s Best Pizza

March 25th, 2016

Anaheim is rich with pizza joints, and it’s your duty to try the best! Giant Manhattan Pizza serves up New York slices (naturally) as well as salads, pasta and “extras” like buffalo wings and garlic bread. Try their Sicilian, Mediterranean, or Vegetarian pizza (or check out those massive calzones!). Meatball sandwiches are another great pick to go with that pie that’s up to 16 inches wide.

iStock_000056068934_Small (1)

At California Pizza Place (not to be confused with California Pizza Kitchen), you get a delicious and no frills pizzeria with basic pies. Nestled into a strip mall, it’s easy to overlook, but locals swear by it. Local ingredients, a sprawling salad bar, and just the treat to hit the spot after a day of Disney or shopping.

A Pizza for Everyone

One Star Pizza and Chicken is known for their super spicy sausage and unique toppings like sweet potato and corn. San Giovanni Pizza is a family-owned restaurant dishing up genuine Italian pies. The dough is thicker than your New York fare, making this a true Italy-California concoction.

There’s also Zito’s Pizza, renowned for their Alfredo, Margherita and Thai Chicken pizzas. Try the cold sandwiches, rich lasagna, or spicy spaghetti to really get a kick out of one of Anaheim’s best pizza joints.

Dana Point Festival of the Whales

March 5th, 2016

March is peak season for the migration of the whales, which trek back and forth between Mexico and Alaska. Dana Point is the ultimate spot to watch them in action, with up to 80 whales moving through on any given day! Spanning over the first two weekends in March, with a special parade to kick off the festivities the morning of March 5, being in Anaheim during this time of year is truly special.


Visitors can enjoy free parking and water taxi rides on all festival days. Take one of the many excursions into the water, whether on the original two-hour tour or on a massive yacht. Reserve your spot now, as the festival fills up quickly!

Taking It All In

Surrounding the festival are a number of boutiques, restaurants and food trucks. Indulge in some of the best seafood in Anaheim in between watching the whales race along the coast. There’s also a short three mile hike from the bluffs to the coast where you may be able to spot some of the migration patterns.

The festival is one that can’t be missed and attracts visitors from around the globe. Stop by and experience the majesty of California’s biggest resident!

A Disney Spring Break

March 2nd, 2016

Lucky enough to be spending spring break in Anaheim? Disneyland is a top destination for warm weather revelers from around the world! The spring break and Easter festivities spread from March 12-April 10, but be forewarned: Disneyland at spring break isn’t for the faint of heart! It’s an incredible experience if you’re prepared for it, so consider this your cheat sheet.


Monday and Friday will likely be the busiest days because, although the kids might be free the whole week, parents are 1) most likely to get these extra days off and 2) going to wrongly assume that all the other families will arrive on the weekend. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are your best bet.

A Real Disney Adventure

Early mornings are less crowded than the afternoons, and if it happens to rain while you’re there, take advantage of it! Rain keeps Disneyland cool and uncrowded. Plus, you’ll be tackling those water rides anyway, so what’s a few extra sprinkles? Check out the MouseWait app to see how busy each ride is in real time before you trek over.

Finally, don’t forget about that other park in town—Knott’s Berry Farm. It’s a great alternative, or you can consider it an add-on after you’ve won the Disneyland spring break game.

Leap Day Musts

February 20th, 2016

Lucky you—you’ve earned an extra day in Anaheim! How will you spend those precious 24 hours? If you’re like many, you’ll head to Disneyland for at least part of it. It’s the one day every four years that the park is open for 24 hours straight. Experience an extra day of Disney where there are different surprises and specials with each beloved Leap Day. Want to take on the Pirates of the Caribbean at 2am? Now you can!

You can also take advantage of the many Monday specials happening around the OC, from museums to restaurants. Fullerton Museum Center always has exciting exhibitions, while Mother Colony House is a gem that few travelers get to experience. Try The Tustin Area Historical Society for a special event, or head to the BounceU of Orange for a trampoline park the kids will love.

Man Jump through the Gap

A Case of the Mondays

Who would think this phrase could ever have a positive spin? For some businesses, Leap Day is a holiday—so if you’re here on business, you’re in luck. Head to Cinema City Stadium Theaters to check out the latest releases, or catch a matinee at Edwards Anaheim.

There are also countless breakfast joints and lunch spots to try, from Anaheim White House Restaurant to The North Left (unrelated to the Kardashian-Wests, of course). Where will your Leap Day take you?

Valentine’s Day: Like a Fairytale

February 9th, 2016

Will you be spending Valentine’s Day at Disneyland, or are you planning ahead with reservations at one of the most romantic restaurants in town? Many people do both! The morning at Disneyland is truly magical, especially for those planning a surprise proposal. The evening out at an intimate eatery is divine too. Where will your whirlwind romance take you?

The Orange Hill Restaurant is a classy, newer restaurant promising delectable V-Day menus. At Blue Bayou, the Cajun eatery helps you really spice things up. Napa Rose is known for its wines (of course) as well as flights, tastings, and a special prix fixe menu on this day. Try Anepalco Restaurant or il garage, or ask your front desk staff for recommendations.


Icing on the Cake

No Valentine’s Day is complete without sweets and flowers. Ace Flower Shop opens at 9am and is up for taking last minute orders. Blossom Flowers is an institution in the OC offering fantastic arrangements at a variety of price points. Call Flowers by Cina or Mums the Word for help designing your ultimate bouquet.

As for chocolates and sweets, you can rely on Ghirardelli Chocolate to really deliver the romance. There’s a See’s Candies nearby, and Rocky Mountain Chocolates offers an impressive variety of sugar-free chocolates, if that’s a necessity. Make this Valentine’s Day one for the record books!