Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

July 22nd, 2014

Los Angeles Angels of AnaheimWhile in Anaheim, why not take the opportunity to take in one of America’s favorite past-times. The Los Angeles Angels calls Anaheim home and play home games at Angels Stadium of Anaheim. This baseball club/organization was started in 1892 and played in the Pacific coast League until 1957 after which they were then moved to Spokane, Washington later to become a minor league affiliate of the Major League Baseball before becoming one of the favorite teams along the West coast in 1961 by Gene Autry.

Currently in second place in the American League West, the Angels are a favorite of many and as always, provide an exciting game. Winning eight division titles and one world series title in 2002, the Angels have a loyal following. As of 2014, five Guinness World Records have been set by Angels fans for largest gatherings of people wearing Cowboy hats, Luchador masks, blankets, wigs and Santa hats. Come join the crowd

What is more enjoyable than enjoying an American game while eating a foot long hot dog and listening to the crack of a bat as it hits a homerun? You can purchase tickets online at the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim website. This week the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim take on the Baltimore Orioles and the Detroit Tigers. Game times start at 7:05 pm each evening.

Local Anaheim Breweries

July 17th, 2014

Local Anaheim BreweriesAnaheim has a number of great breweries in the area. Visited and loved by locals and visitors alike, you will always find interesting brews, great service and good conversation. Not to be confused with sports bars, these breweries serve nothing but their finest home brews and have quaint tasting rooms with a great ambiance. You won’t find a TV in sight. Instead, visit with the bartender and discover the interesting stories behind each brewing process and beer.

Located here in Anaheim is Noble Ale Works, which is known for their ‘Naughty Sauce’. One of the local favorites, this beer brings in high ratings. Anaheim Brewery is another favorite among the locals with their 1888 beer. You may want to take a growler with you when you leave.

Bottle Logic Brewery has the best of both worlds, a tasting room where you can sample home brews but also good food. Their beers are both creative and interesting making you want to come back for more. Valiant Brewing Company serves five different core beers along with their seasonal beers. All five core beers have amazing ratings and don’t disappoint.

Just announced this week, Legends Craft Brewery is set to open in Anaheim in the next 90 days. You can add that to your list of great places to try. Start your own pub crawl and try out all of these fantastic breweries and see if you can pick a favorite.

Disneyland Fun Facts

July 12th, 2014

Disneyland Fun FactsTraveling with the family can be loads of fun but it can also be a trying time. Try mixing things up with a few Disneyland fun facts about the history of the park and the park itself.

-          Mickey Mouse has over 290 outfits. Minnie has over 200.

-          An average of 210 pairs of lost sunglasses are turned in each day.

-          Disneyland was built in just 365 days and opened July 17, 1955

-          Over 600 million visitors have passed through the gates of Disneyland since opening day.

-          Disneyland does not sell chewing gum. Walt Disney wanted to keep the park clean and prevent guests from stepping in the sticky mess.

-          Disneyland recycles approximately 4.1 million pounds of cardboard, 1.3 million punds of green waste, 370,000 pounds of office paper, 361,260 pounds of glass bottles, 274,280 pounds of plastic and 17,240 pounds of aluminum cans each year.

-          There are 10 bodies of water containing 20 million gallons of water inside the park.

-          The drawbridge at Sleeping Beauty’s castle has only been opened twice, opening day and the celebration of the remodeled Fantasyland.

-          There are 68 horses on the King Arthur Carrousel. No two are alike and they all move.

-          Mickey’s name was originally going to be Mortimer.

Visit The Santa Ana Zoo

July 3rd, 2014

Santa Ana ZooIf you haven’t had enough animals on your visit, head over to the local Santa Ana Zoo for a little variety of exotic animals. The Santa Ana Zoo, located nearby, is  a nice contrast to the massive and crowded LA Zoo. Not only do you skip out on the traffic, you get free parking also!

Take a ride around the park on the train. With a tour of the 20 acres of animal sanctuary, you get to plot out your plan of attack. Visit the Rainforest Exhibit and enjoy the waterfalls and amazing greenery before venturing over to the Amazon Aviary to see the exotic birds native to South and Central America. Still not impressed, what about the Strawberry Poison-dart Frog or the Goliath Birdeater Tarantula. There is a good chance you don’t see those every day. You can get your fill of monkeys as the Zoo is required to keep 50 monkeys in the park at all times. The Farm Exhibit features rare farm animals and is centered around the two-story red barn that houses many of the larger animals. Peek in and see what you haven’t seen before.

Kids enjoy the play area after exploring the animals. Mom and dad can kick back and relax while the kids play. The Zoo is open daily with extended hours during the summer. Check out the zoo’s website for more information and upcoming events.

Stay Closer, Have More Fun

June 23rd, 2014

Here at BDisneyland Hotelest Western Anaheim Inn, our goal is to make your vacation a more enjoyable and memorable vacation. Just minutes from Disneyland Park, we can help cut down on traffic, drive time, and an exhausting commute after a long fun-filled day in the park.

Our location is that of a resort yet our prices aren’t close to those of a resort. Enjoy the friendly staff, clean and comfortable rooms along with the amenities of a resort hotel for a fraction of the price. Your vacation is expensive enough; you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to stay near your destination. Get to the park earlier, beating the crowds and giving your kids a chance to beat the lines for the best rides. We guarantee to make your Disneyland trip the best it can be by giving you a head start.We are also happy to assist you with park information and tickets as well as information about the area. Just stop by our front desk  and allow us to work for you.

Book your hotel room close to Disneyland at Best Western Anaheim Inn and be happy you did. We offer discounts to AAA members and AARP members. Check out our other specials on our website.

We look forward to seeing you soon and making your stay the best it can be.

Disneyland Safety

June 14th, 2014

Disneyland SafetyYour vacation is intended to be a fun-filled adventure for the family. To make sure it is all fun we have a few safety tips for you and your family.

  1. Have a designated meeting spot: In the event that someone gets lost or loses the group, have a predetermined meeting place for everyone to meet up again.  It is always helpful to wear the same color and remember what each family member is wearing.
  2. ID information: For children, make sure they have some form of identification to include name, phone number, medical conditions, etc. Safety pin this information inside part of their clothing, include on an ID bracelet or write on their skin and cover in clear nail polish. This will help authorities and park staff reunite you with your children if lost.
  3. Pictures of family members: Take a picture of everyone in the morning before you head out to the park. This allows you to remember what everyone is wearing and gives you a current picture of each family member. Carrying current pictures in your wallet is also a good idea  and backup plan in the event everyone is too excited to stand still for a picture.
  4. Identify Cast Members: Know and teach your children how to identify cast members and staff of Disneyland Park. Talk to them about going to a staff member in the event of an emergency or becoming lost so they know exactly what to do and feel comfortable in seeking help when necessary.
  5. Neck wallet: Fanny packs are old school but they come in handy and still seem to be a trend at Disneyland. Carrying your money, room and car keys, ID, etc. in either a fanny pack or a neck wallet keeps your valuables where you can see them. It prevents tempting hands of those pick pocketers.

As always, drink plenty of water and apply sunscreen frequently. Better safe than sorry and airing on the side of safety ensures an enjoyable and memorable trip!

Disneyland Packing Tips

June 6th, 2014

Disneyland PackingYou are all packed up and ready to head out on your Disneyland vacation but just one minute! Before you leave, we have a few suggestions of items to pack that will make your trip much more memorable.

  1. Ponchos: No, we hope it doesn’t rain but if it does and you are inside the park without a poncho or umbrella, you will be paying big. Pick up a few before your trip and come prepared!
  2. Snacks: Walking around all day can work up an appetite. Cut down on the expensive food prices inside the park and bring snacks with you. Protein snacks such as energy bars and beef jerky are always a good option. Bringing your own refillable water bottle helps too.
  3. Neck Wallet: Pick-pocketers are like rain, inevitable. Be on the safe side and wear your wallet where it can be seen. We promise you won’t stand out as many park-goers choose to ‘go geeky’. Your kids will think you are the cool parent.
  4. Sunscreen/hat: Of course you want a summer tan but a burn is another story. Be sure to pack a hat and sunscreen to protect your skin from hours under the hot, summer sun. A combination of sweat and water rides doesn’t help so bring the sunscreen with you inside the park and reapply throughout the day.
  5. Water shoes: Most think of only the walking that will be done, not the water rides. Wet walking shoes are not idea so try for water shoes. Flip flops tend to come off during rides and who wants to walk around with one shoe? Opt for water shoes/sandals that stay secured to your feet.

Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day

May 7th, 2014

mothers dayFor those of you who do not know what is coming up this weekend, it is Mother’s Day. The annual holiday set aside to thank mom for all that she has done and show her how much you appreciate all of her efforts. Make her day a little special by treating her to a nice brunch and enjoy spending time with her while she is celebrated.

Take mom out to be a queen for the day at the Hilton Anaheim’s Mix Restaurant and Lounge. With a British themed champagne brunch from 10:30am to 3pm mom can’t help but feel like the Queen. With a custom-built royal throne at the entrance, capture the day with a picture of mom in her rightful place.

If you are enjoying a great time at Disneyland, try the royal treatment at Disneyland’s Mother’s Day Royal Buffet hosted at Disneyland Hotel’s Grand Ballroom. This all you can eat feast features Cinderella and her Princess Friends. With an extensive spread of scrumptious foods and a buffet just for the kids, this is sure to be a hit.

Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square, Carnation Cafe, and Plaza Inn, all within the park are also offering special menu items to treat mom to a special meal. Storyteller’s Cafe at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa features a special brunch buffet as well. With the extra goodies, Mom is sure to feel special.

No matter what you do with mom this Sunday, be sure to tell her how much she means to you!

Tips For Your Disney Summer Adventure

April 25th, 2014

disneyland-splash-mountain-lSummer is upon us and the kids are ready for a break. There is no better place to go than to Disneyland. While this may seem like a daunting place for parents in the hot summer months, have no fear, it can be fun for parents too. Disneyland has something for everyone and we want to help make your vacation the best it can be. We have composed a list of helpful tips that will no doubt, make your trip much easier and more enjoyable.

  1. Get there early. If you want to avoid the long lines at the park entrance, be sure to get to the park early. Gates open at 8 am and the park is the least crowded between opening and 11:30am. You may choose to ride the popular rides before the lines start to get long.
  2. Fastpass. One word is all you need. It does exactly as you would expect, make things faster. The Fastpass can save you time from standing in line. Just go to a fastpass ticket machine to get your fastpass for the ride you would like. Show up at the ride at the time marked on the fastpass and you can hop on the ride, generally with little to no line at all. Keep in mind, you can only have one fastpass at a time and the popular rides tend to book up quickly to take advantage of the early morning no crowds.
  3. Enjoy the Evenings. In the summer Disneyland is open until midnight. Crowds tend to taper off towards the end of the day which gives you the enjoyment of the park with less crowds, cooler breezes and lots of nighttime entertainment.
  4. See a show. Walking around the park all day can wear on your feet. Catch Disney’s top rated performers while you cool off in a comfortable chair for 45 minutes. Its just what you need to recharge and get ready to hop back on those rides.
  5. California Adventure. Take advantage of the Park Hopper ticket. This allows you to visit both Disneyland and California Adventure which features some great rides such as Cars Land and Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. It also has fewer crowds than Disneyland so it is a great place to check out mid day when the lines are too long at Disneyland.


Vintage: The New Fad

April 17th, 2014

BowlingVintage is the new fashion and craze. Anything that appears to be 10 years or older is considered vintage and the demand for such has risen exponentially. We don’t have jewelry, clothes or home decor (read: rotary phone) for you but we do have some suggestions for a vintage date. This may be just what you need to escape the text messages, facebook and instagram for the evening.

Roller skating went out of style so we are bringing it back. Holiday Skate Center can help bring that vintage feel to your afternoon or evening. Set the in-line skates aside, we are going full vintage and talking about the quad skates. Grab a pair and hit the floor. You may feel the need for a poodle skirt or hair gel to get in the mood.

Bowling never really went out of style, as you can tell by these modern bowling alleys, but we think the game is still ‘vintage’. Try some friendly competition at Lucky Strike Lanes, Concourse Bowling Center or AMF Carter Lanes. They even come equipped with arcade games. Not as vintage as the coke float with two straws but think 1980’s and Pac-Man.

Speaking of coke floats, check out Brianna’s Ice Cream. It doesn’t have the same soda shop feel, you need to head over to Flo’s V8 inside Disneyland Park for that, but they still have the same ‘goods’. Grab a thick, creamy milkshake or a coke float and kick back to an earlier time and place.


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